Antigravity was a powerful ambient sculptural experience. Each flight, lasting about half an hour, features a large jelly fish-like Antigravity Vehicle, which launches from ground level, then rises up over the audience and moves around above people up to a maximum height of two hundred feet.

The “flights” were brought to life by stunning animations and gorgeous music.

Antigravity was created by Steve Geliot in collaboration with musical director Jean Daniel Beauvallet, and was the winning co-commission for the 2010 Nuits Blanches festival in Brighton and Amiens, premiered by Amiens Metropole Oct 16th and Brighton Oct 31st.

The visual impact in the sky was such that crowds of several thousand grew with repeat shows throughout the evening, augmented by the effect of audience members texting friends.

A gentle awe-inspired atmosphere was created, with many people saying how Antigravity had a profoundly emotional quality.