For a long time my main use of a camera was simply to make a good record of my sculptures. There was always something a bit unsatisfactory about representing sculpture with a flat two dimensional image. It would be my client’s first encounter with my work and it would only give them a very limited impression of the whole sensual experience of moving around and touching a three dimensional object.

From earlier days I had been happy as Larry sitting for hours on end with some watercolours or charcoal just drinking in the landscape. When I first used film and sculptural projection in 2006 I found the experience very liberating, and the sharing of the moment with a live audience was intoxicating. Now I have come to really understand that with film you can really get into the human emotions very very directly.

I like filming with good but modest equipment so that my presence as a film maker is smaller than a whole big crew. It allows the people you are filming, whether they are real world or actors, more room to relax and be expressive. I am still happy just standing in the landscape, now with a camera, particularly in the dawn or dusk.