The Compton Skyline Project

The project was devised and lead by Steve Geliot; a temporary installation lasting 1 week following three months of outreach work with the residents of the artist’s street on a hilltop in Brighton, and several other community groups within the visual catchment.

Three hundred square meters of woven textile back-projection screens were mounted above the roofs of twelve houses, with six synchronised high power projectors operated from the other side of the street.

6Six artists worked with Steve to create this installation which was visible from right across the city. Many people who saw the projections on the skyline made their way across town to see what was happening.

A £60,000 budget was raised from The Urban Cultural Fund/Brighton and Hove Arts Commission, Arts Council England, Fatboyslim, Austin Gray, Cobra Beer and Arts and Business.

The artists who worked with Steve were Dan Mellor, Mim King, Ros Barber, Eleanor Williams, Brian McClave & Gavin Peacock. Community outreach coordinator Dawn Daniel, rigging David Smith.

The vimeo clip above is a film of the event edited together by Steve and Dan, the clip below is an edit using 2 screens worth of Steve’s segment of the projection content.